Nasir Ahmed Sabri, set out to train with traditional Indian craftsmen, learning all about discipline and as well as dress makers from the colonial era blending Indian aesthetics with contemporary sensibilities founded his own Bespoke label in the year 2013. The purpose of the brand since inception has been to provide luxury wear to the man of fine taste.

Nasir’s inspiration comes from nature. He interweaves it with the philosophy of life and art-- there is no beginning, one can begin anywhere, there is no end, but the pursuit of the endless. That is a befitting and convincing metaphor for the pursuit of excellence Nasir strives to attain. Although a master of design and embellishment, Nasir’s work yet reflects his personal statement – his love for minimalism, choosing to use enough and no more, choosing to focus on classiness over trends, choosing simplicity over complexity.

Nasir has indisputably come to be reckoned among the top names in the finest of luxury offerings in gentlemen's tailoring. A practical combination of modern style and cut, upholding the principles of the traditional artist is the distinguishing feature of our work.

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