The Brand that began it's journey 19 years ago, is a promise of luxury, and perfection.

Nasir Ahmed Sabri , a designer who has trained with the traditional Indian craftsmen as well as dress makers from the colonial era blending Indian aesthetics with contemporary sensibilities flagged off Nasir's Bespoke in the year 2013. The purpose of the brand since inception has been to provide luxury wear to the man of substance and taste.

The brand draws inspiration from nature and interweaves the profound philosophy of Islamic art, where there is no beginning or end ,but the pursuit of the endless . That , is a convincing metaphor for the pursuit of excellence which the brand strives to attain . In equal measure , The brand embodies astute minimalism, choosing to focus on function over embellishment .

The clothes speak of a harmony between two contrasting ideas - the opulent intricacy of design, and simplicity.

Nasir - Royal Clothing