Business Suits

Business Suits

At Nasir Studio every customer is unique. The bespoke process of creating a Nasir Studio Business suit has a wealth of tradition and is undertaken by the most experienced cutters and tailors.

The beauty of bespoke Business Suit tailoring is that everything is possible and that any request can be met. Most customers do, however, tend to heed the expert advice their cutter, whose gift for knowing what will work best for the client is what helps make his role in the process so pivotal.

Thereafter, customized patterns, drafted from scratch, must be carefully cut and painstakingly hand stitched to construct the rudimentary silhouette of the garment.

The tailoring process at Nasir Studio combines traditional methods with a modern approach. The tailor works from scratch with each individual client starting the unique paper pattern cut to the clients measures. Minimal discrepancies in the clients posture and structure are taken in to account, and each notation is transferred to the bespoke pattern.

The particular style that has been selected is then transferred to the cloth, using the particular pattern as a template. Several fittings follow. The result is a garment that is unique and original to the client.

After the cloth consultation, during which luxury, performance and season will be considered, measurements are taken ready for the clients paper pattern to be cut. Nasir Studio after generations still reflects the natural classic shape, giving balance and enhancing the bodys outline by means of correcting and adjusting the pattern.

We pride ourselves on using natural fabrics wherever possible throughout the garment, giving strength and durability which increases the lifespan of the product. After-sales care is also part of the Yash Klothing policy and therefore we aim to allocate substantial inlays when using natural fabrics to allow the suit to be altered if the clients physique changes.

The Bespoke experience at Nasir Studio is a metamorphic one. Every suit starts its journey as a notion. A design eager to be realized. The fabric swatches selected, the trimmings shortlisted and the measurements meticulously noted during the initial consultation serve as mere nascent curation of what is to come.

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Business Suits